Site Mixed Concrete Supply From Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Ve-Tech Concrete Ltd supply freshly produced concrete mixed on site from their fleet of six volumetric mixers throughout Ayrshire & beyond. Volumetric concrete offers substantial advantages over traditional methods of concrete delivery.

An Innovative Form of Concrete Delivery

A volumetric mixer is a mobile truck mixer and batching plant all rolled into one, eliminating the risk of under ordering or costly waste. All raw materials are stored in separate compartments which are metered into fresh concrete as and when it is needed.


Key Benefits

Any mix / any slump (can be altered from one customer to the next or even halfway through a job if required)

Only pay for the amount of concrete dispensed from the computer controlled, calibrated mixer, no problems with over or under ordering

No part load charges

Friendly and efficient service

No obligation quotations and free technical advice